Reading Lately: March 2020 Edition

Reading kind of took a backseat this last month. Looking back, I’m not sure what it was; school, a vacation, and just not making it a priority I guess. I did finish one really big book, so that almost counts as 2 right? 🙂

Reading Lately: March 2020 | Book reviews of The Killing Fog byJeff Wheeler; An Echo of Things to Come by James Islington | Puppies & Pretties

What I’ve been reading lately

The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler: I’ve been a big fan of Jeff Wheeler’s work. But this one fell a little flat for me. It had an interesting premise – a girl grows up with revenge in her heart and is seemingly chosen to be the savior of the world, even though she doesn’t really want it. There is magic that can draw a killing fog, which kills everyone it touches. There is an ancient evil that is raised from the dead. All sorts of cool things. But something was missing. Far too often the characters where just like “it is was it is” and then it would move on. But then the next thing that should be a relatively easy decision was like “OMG WHAT WILL WE DOOOOO.” It all sort of fell flat for me and there didn’t seem to be much of a conclusion either. I won’t be picking up the next one in this series.
3 out of 5 stars
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An Echo of Things to Come by James Islington: Book 2 of a trilogy (these books are huge – this one has 752 pages for the hardcover), this is good. Like what I want fantasy to be like. We follow several main characters as they grow and learn what (and who) they are. Davian and his allies are hoping to figure out how to save the Boundary to stop the destruction of the world. Wirr is trying to be the Northwarden and navigate that world. And Caeden is just trying to figure out who he really is and what he has done in the past. There is political maneuvering, cool magic, and some long (we are talking real long here) plans that are finally coming to fruition. I would recommend for sure.
5 out of 5 stars

What have you been reading?