Adult Braces: The Final Stretch

I used to joke that the world couldn’t end until I got my braces off. While the world hasn’t ended (yet), it certainly has taken a…pause. Coronavirus has certainly put a damper on my #braceface life. And while I know that I’m lucky to still have a job and the only real change in my life is that I rarely leave the house, knowing that my time with braces is being extended an unknown amount of time is frustrating to say the least.

Adult Braces: The Final Stretch | Read about how I'm coping with braces during the coronavirus pandemic and how it has effected my braces. Plus an update on living with braces as an adult. | Puppies & Pretties

I was scheduled to go to the orthodontist early in April. That appointment was likely to be my second to last appointment. Meaning, the last set before my braces come off. But my appointment was cancelled. And there is no word of when dental appointments will resume. While the health system that my orthodontist is a part of is slowing opening elective procedures again, it feels like orthodontics are the red headed stepchild that no one wants to talk about. When the Minnesota governor had his press conference on extending the Safer at Home order, a reporter specifically asked about orthodontics because her daughter has braces on. Pretty much no answer was given and it was a “too bad, so sad” type mood. I’m not impressed.

I think what is most frustrating is that I’m so close. It doesn’t help that I have a weird set on right now. I actually have two wires on my bottom teeth. To say the least, it is uncomfortable, especially at night. Knowing that I’ve been wearing them for 5 extra weeks and who knows how much longer doesn’t help.

Why two wires you ask? I didn’t really understand it either. I guess I had one tooth in the front that the root was popping (aka was too far forward) and to single that tooth out, I needed an additional wire that is bent around that specific tooth. What is also frustrating, likely because I’ve had this weird set on for so long, is that my front bottom teeth are starting to get more crooked. I’m crossing my fingers that whenever I finally get back to the orthodontist office that just one set will be able to set my teeth right. All I want is these braces off. But the goal of May is pretty much out the door right now. I’ll probably be lucky to get my braces off by the 4th of July.

Beyond my current predicament, the #braceface life has been pretty smooth. No major issues since my 9 month update. It is currently May, and it feels like there hasn’t been any major changes in my teeth since December. I know there are minor adjustments happening that are necessary, but when you don’t feel and/or see the changes, it can get tiresome. Especially now that everything is on hold. I keep thinking what if the orthodontist hadn’t decided that the one root needed to be shifted back. Would I already have my braces off? Who knows.

I will say I am glad that the pain that usually came with a new set of braces was mostly absent since about the 9 month mark. I’m still wearing elastics at night, but its gotten to the point that if I’m not wearing them when I try to sleep, I can’t sleep. Like naps? Don’t think I can do it because my teeth feel weird without being “strapped in.” I’ve also had multiple power chains. Heck, I even had one set where there was a power chain next to my teeth, then the wire, and then another power chain on top. That set took some getting used to, but it was getting it on and off that was the worst. I don’t know what it is, but getting power chains removed is the worst, with getting them put on a close second. I honestly didn’t have a ton of pain from power chains once they were on. Maybe I just got used to them since I had them for nearly every set once my teeth were mostly straight.

So. Here I sit with an old set of braces on. Please send positive thoughts that dental offices will be able to open soon and life can start moving forward with the coronavirus around us. Stay safe out there friends.